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Monday, November 16, 2009

Atheists Should Fake it for "God"

So my cousin and uncle are home for a visit from Maine like they do every year and I went over to my grandmother’s house where they were along with my aunt. I was having a conversation with my cousin Jackie because we share similar views on most ideas. We were talking about the upcoming election and the state of things and my aunt chimed in with another of her ignorant, racist comments by saying that she did not understand why people were voting for Obama because he is a racist and not a Christian. She even went as far to say that America is in its crappy state because we are not living the proper Christian life. Well anyone who knows my family can attest that she is far from the the proper Christian. I used to joke that her bible was next to her vibrator in nightstand. Well I did not want to start a family braul on the first day of my uncle and cousin’s vacation so I let that slide.

We talked more and then knowing that I am an atheist she came to the conclusion that I need to miraculously become a Christian just in case I am wrong, "Because one day, Sole`, you WILL be judged and it is better to live the life now and have nothing happen when you die, rather than not believe and have to explain that to God when it is too late."

I know I have a very strange take on reality in comparrison to most, but this is the analogy I made: So the same if I am having sex and am not enjoying it, just like I "should" fake it for my lover to make him happy, I should fake it for God to please him? I don't think so.

Assuming there is a God, all powerful being, whatever, would he be more mad that people do not believe in him or if they pretend to believe just in case so they can't be sent to the hot place. I would think the latter is true. If the person believes just in case then that means they do not really believe. You are only a true Christian, Muslim, Jew... if you believe in it whole heartedly. Reading the bible, preaching to others, and pretending doesn't make someone "devout." In fact I would argue that someone who doesn't believe in a deity, but lives a good life without the thought of, "If I do this bad thing God is going to get me," lives a much more Christian life than those who pretend. I would say that God would be pleased that the person lived a good life w/o needing to think he is looking over their shoulder.

Now I have a lot of conservative Christian friends and good for you. I'm glad that mindset makes you happy and feel complete. I respect it even if I don't believe it. Now tell me this, imagine some Atheist came up to you and said, "Your God is no more logical than Southpark's flying spagetti monster. You should not believe in something just because it can't be disproven." Would that simple statement make you think that everything you had ever known was false and you would join the fight against the religious right? Probably not.

So why do Christians think that we Atheists can so easily change our way of thinking and become religious. Did it not cross your mind that we whole heartedly believe what we believe, just like you do? Also please answer these questions for me: Where exactly in the bible did it say you get brownie points for converting us heathens and heretics or that it is even your place to tell us that we are wrong? I've never read the book and personally never want to, but I thought one of your main points is that no one but God is perfect enough to judge and doing so is a sin... Where did it say to go to Africa to feed the starving children, but only if they will accept a bible with the grain and allow you to Baptise them?

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