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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Cheap and Pretty Holiday Present

Ok, so I was brousing the isles of Hobby Lobby knowing I wanted to make something for the ladies I work with and that it should be something they could look at and enjoy in their cubicle.  Everyone has posted up drawings from children, pictures, work related things, so on, but nothing to really reflect them.  Well the 50% off paper mache items caught my eye and it hit me...their names.  I could get a letter each one of them and customize it to reflect their personality...Bingo!

Here we go. 

You will need:
  1. Paper Mache Letter (2.50 full price)
  2. Acrylic Paint ($1 each)
  3. Acrylic Paint Sealer - either glossy or matte finish ($5)
  4. Paint brushes ($3)
  5. Something to cover the floor, either garbage bag or an old sheet. ($0)
  6. Cup of water to get excess paint off. ($0)
For the flowers:

  1. Cricut
  2. Pretty non-patterned paper
  3. Brads
  4. 3D flowers from Svgcuts.com Here is the link to the flowers: http://svgcuts.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=19

  1. Paint the letters.  You will have to do this at least 2 times.  Some colors maybe more.
  2. Take an accent color and brush the hard edges.  On Roxann's I used a bright pink for the base and gold for the edges.
  3. Use your cricut to cut out their names (if you don't have a cricut go get some thick chipboard letters at the craft store and paint them with the accent color).  Glue them on.
  4. Follow the tutorial here: http://svgcuts.com/blog/?cat=3 to make the flowers with your cricut.  If you do not have a cricut get some silk flowers or prima flowers, they are very good as well.
  5. Secure the flower with a pretty brad.  Glue the flower on.
  6. Add accents based on the person's personality.
  7. After everything is dry use the acrylic sealer to completely cover your project at least twice.  This will keep your project from fading over time.  Do this outside.  The smell from the sealers are very strong.

Here are two of the finished ones.  I will post more when I get done with the others.

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