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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Carve an Amazingly Intricate Pumpkin

Ok, yes it is Nov. 1st so Halloween is over, but for next year you will be set.  

Materials Needed:

  • Pattern (best ones are from zombiepumpkins.com or carvingpumpkins.com or www.spookmaster.com or even www.pumpkinmasters.com
  • Pumpkin (either funkin foam pumpkin or real)
  • Small Serraded Blade
  • Poker or toothpick
  • Light (either candle or I recommend the strobe light)
  • Scotch tape 
  • Petroleum Jelly (for real pumpkins)
  • A small pumpkin carving kit at any retail store should have everything necessary to carve it.)

How to do it:

  1.   If you have a real  pumpkin cut the top at an angle and core it out using a big spoon or a scoop from one of the kits.
  2. Print out the pattern you want to carve and tape it to the pumpkin.  You may have to cut the pattern to allow it to lay flat on the rounded surface.
  3. Use the poker to poke the lines along the pattern.  Make sure intricate areas are poked very precisely so when you remove the pattern you can see what to cut.
  4. After poking the pattern remove the paper, but keep it next to you for reference.
  5. Cut along the dotted line.
  6. Your done!

Tips and Tricks:
  1. If you carve a real pumpkin, every exposed surface on the inside will begin to decay the moment you cut it or core it out so use petroleum jelly to cover the entire surface.  This will slow the decaying process by keeping your pumpkin moist.
  2. Candles are not the best way to light your pumpkin, they provide very little light and are harmful to the pumpkin, either real or foam.  The heat causes real pumpkins to decay faster and can cause your foam pumpkin to catch fire (I learned this the hard way).
  3. If you carve a real pumpkin, try to find room in your refrigerator to store it when it is not showcased.  The cooler temperature will extend its life and keep it out of harms way (pets, children, clumsy spouses, ect.)
  4. Don't waste!  Either plant your seeds or bake a pumpkin pie.  If you don't like pie, I'm sure your family or co-workers will enjoy one.  I bring my pumpkin innerds to my grandmother so she can bake pies.
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