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Monday, November 2, 2009

Mom wants compensation for being kicked off plane cuz of 2 year olds tantrum...

Lets get this started with the link.  Read this first.


Now, where do we start...How about my experience with toddlers on planes.  On a trip from Savannah to Dallas (at least a 2.5 hour flight) a couple with a 4ish year old and a 2ish year old sat in front of me.  I was already seated when they boarded and each parent had a kid in their arm.  The father had the 4ish year old that was talking, no biggy.  The mother however, had a screaming 2ish year old monster in her grasp.  I don't know if the child could speak yet, it just screamed the whole time we were sitting waiting for the plane to leave.  I was on the phone at the time telling my mother that my flight was about to leave and she couldn't even hear me over the little demon.  When she asked what was going on, (she thought maybe we were being hijacked) I said in not so quiet words that a couple with a little brat was sitting in front of me.  The mother then had the nerve to turn around and give me a look like I was the one screaming in her ear.  When she sneered at me I said, "Yes your little brat."  She looked as though I had slapped her and turned back around.

During the entire 2.5 hour flight this little bastard screamed at the top of his lungs.  Even the stewartesses tried to get him to calm down.  What makes me mad about the whole ordeal is that the parents just sat there.  They didnt calmly talk to the child about behaving, they didn't yell at the kid to shut up, they didn't bring him to the back to swat his ass.  They did NOTHING!  The other passengers and I just had to sit there and deal.  This was ridiculous.  I was very dissapointed with the airline.  This whole situation could have been avoided if they had nipped it in the butt from the beginning when the child started screaming even before the cockpit door closed.  They could have refunded the flight and told the family to travel elseware.  The crew allowed them to stay not to incovience them while the brat caused over 2 hours of misery to everyone else on the flight.  4 pissed customers or 200?  I'm not a business major, but...

The next time this happens I am blaring rap music until either the kid stops screaming or they kick one of us off the flight.  I will not be subjected to this torture again.

Now, I am not a total bitch.  I understand with small babies that the pressure difference hurts their ears and thats why they cry.  I am just saying that maybe a little downer will keep the child from being in pain and the rest of the passengers from having thier expensive flight become a torture chamber.

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