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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My New Favorite Movie

Ok, so a friend talked up this movie and I was a little suspicious.  I love horror, psycological thillers, ect but I usually hate low budget films.  Sometimes I even end up turning them off because I get bored with them.  I took a chance and put it in.

Hard Candy

I won't give the movie away, but I will say it was awesome.  If you have a weak stomache or get disturbed easily this movie is not for you.  Basically this young girl (younger Ellen Page from Juno) is a child genius and takes action after a girl in her community goes missing and tracks down child molesters.  She goes home with a man she has been chatting with in internet chat rooms and um...teaches him a lesson.  I laughed so hard in some parts and I cringed in others (kinda hard to get me to cringe).  It really was an amazing movie.  I hope you give it a chance and love it too. 

P.S. I wish our legal system would do the equivalent to child molesters.  These ppl can not be trusted in normal society and should be dealt with.  Considering how young I look I might take up a new hobby...

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