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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And Why do you have a Kid?

Ok I went to Target because the ladies I work for gave me a gift certificate and I had just been oogling over a scrapbook paper organizer there anyway so I got that and one other item and went to the checkout.

I was tired and was not paying much attention but did think it was strange that the lady in front of me had two buggies and was not standing next to her child that was sitting in the little kiddy seat.  I didn't care and only really started to notice that something was off when she and the cashier kept looking around.  I then realized that a parent had left their 2-3 year old toddler in the buggy to go back and get something.  It was after about 5 minutes that the woman came back with a $5 dvd in her hand.  The cashier was about to call the manager because the 3 of us were about convinced this woman had abandoned him.

All the while the lil boy was looking around saying "Momma? Momma?"

"I couldn't find it!"  Yea we noticed...  If I had wanted him, and he was cute, I could be a mommy right now.  I could have easily walked up and taken Jr to the car with me simply telling the cashier that "Mommy" wanted me to put him in the car and get ready to go.  The cashier wouldn't have known (not that she is to blame for any of that). 

Really?  Is a $5 dvd really worth risking loosing your child.  I know someone who has been trying to adopt for a few years now and I really should have walked off with this lil boy and given him to my adoptee friends.  At least I know they would never abandon him like that.

Ok people, a department store, a restaurant, any public venue is not a baby-sitting facility.  They are not responsible for your children.  If you don't intend to keep your children with you at all times then do not take them with you...

This is not the only thing that could have happened to the lil boy.  What if he decided he wanted out of the buggy and fell and cracked his skull open? 

Please can we pass a test that is required before anyone is allowed to have kids and if they pass they are still mandated to have parenting classes.  Some people just shock and amaze me.


Scrapping Mom said...

I totally agree with all thatyou said. It is ashame that you don't have to pass a course to be a parent. I was at WalMart the other day and saw a car with 3yong children it with the car running. The oldest about9 sittng in the drivers seat acting like he was driving. My son wanted to call the cops. I wish now I would have.

Sole` said...

And what would have happened if he had accidentally shifted gears? People just don't seem to care for the kids they have and a lot of people that I know that have kids really shouldn't have. All I am saying is you have to take the SAT/ACT to get into college, have decent credit to get a loan (not horrible credit to get a credit card), have to take a test get a driving license, and everything else that is important you have to prove yourself. But any crack-smoking moron can have a kid. Geeze!