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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cricut Cartridges at a steal!!!

Ok Big lots has cartridges for sale now for $30 in this week's ad.  It of course says limited quantities and will probably have not the new carts in stock to be on sale for that price, but this is where we get sneaky.  Hobby lobby will match a competitor's price if you bring in the ad.  You can print the one online or go into your local store to see what they have and pick up the printed ad there.  Then take that ad and bring it to Hobby Lobby and show the cashier the sale price.  The Big Lots ad does not say which cartridges so there should not be a fight over which ones they will sell for $30.  They will honor that price (or your Hobby Lobby sucks.)  Micheals will also match prices and I am not sure about JoAnn's or AC Moore because we don't have those around here.  Good luck.  I'm going shopping tomorrow.  ;-)

Oh and Big Lots is open til 7pm tomorrow night and Hobby Lobby is open til 530 tomorrow night.  I am going to stop by here before I leave to have xmas with my family.  Woot!!!

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