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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cricut A-Z DVD review from Above Rubies Studio

I got this in today and plugged it in.  I must say I am dissapointed.  For the most part this is painfully basic.  If you could not figure out how to change the blade then I don't think its a dvd you need.  I do love ABS and almost all of the projects Megan has done, but I thought this was a dvd that showed projects for beginners to advanced cricuteers.  This is a dvd that walks you through all the buttons on the machines (all 3, not just the expression).   I already knew what these did and if I had a problem I could look that up on youtube for free.  I am dissapointed because I wanted a project dvd, not an idiots guide to the cricut.

I'm not swearing off ABS, but if she does anymore dvds I probably will not buy.  I have yet to get the Pink Stamper's dvd.  I should have gotten that though.  Robyn teaches you the buttons while making a project, which is more to my taste.

If you have never heard of a cricut and don't like youtube this dvd is for you.  If you are from my generation that hits buttons to figure out what they do or you watch free youtube videos to understand the basics this dvd is not for you.

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