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Saturday, December 19, 2009

David Goldman and the Brazil Custody Battle

I can honestly say I am torn on what they should do with this child.  On the one hand his father obviously loves him and wants to know him, but on the other he grew up and loves another family very far away from his father.  All this little boy knows is his mother's family and his stepfather.  I'm not saying Mr. Goldman should leave his son, but you have to understand what the little boy must be going through right now.  This person who is a stranger to him is trying to take him away from the only family he knows and he lost his mother not that long ago...  I think Mr. Goldman should go to Brazil and get to know his son and then possibly keep him some of the time until they can get to know each other.  After all, this child thinks of Brazil and his Brazillian family as home. 

This is a tough situation and I hope the families can be peaceful about it for the little boy's sake.

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