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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great News!!!

My crazy aunt and crazy uncle will not be coming to this year's family affair.  My aunt is a complete narcisist.  She turns every situation around to be about her. 

7 years ago she divorced my uncle because he finally got fed up with her cheating and she couldn't deal with the situation.  Aparently he was mean to her.  Then after 5 years of completely avoiding him and not speaking any kind word about her husband of 18 years he decided to move on.  He saw this really nice woman that the whole family loved, but was completly scared.  The relationship however did not last.  My aunt found out that her retirement fund was slipping away and she pounced again.  They took up just where they left off in that horrible relationship that tainted everyone involved. 

Now my other aunt also has an issue with her ex-brother-in-law.  He basically stole her 2 kids and wouldn't allow them to call her to tell her they would not be coming home.  Then when my good aunt confronted him about it he blew up on her and lets say "said some innapropriate things."  Well my good aunt would not come to Thanksgiving because my uncle was there.  It was a big fiasco, but finally he left and my good aunt came over and we had fun.

Now back to the bad aunt.  She then turned the Thanksgiving fiasco into something about her.  The bad aunt bitched at the good aunt that it wasn't fair that she could drive the crazy uncle from our lives, but she couldn't (even though she was the one who brought him)! The whole thing is so ridiculous.  I wish a house would fall on the bad aunt and save the rest of us.

Well the bad aunt has dropped out of the family xmas because the good aunt said she would have it at her house.  Funny, she never had an issue making it before, even when her and the uncle were divorced and he still came...

I know this is a little hard to follow, but that is really how the situation is...

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Anonymous said...

lol...if only I could read between the lines! you didn't leave out too much...