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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme
TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year? 

Cricut Cartridges, a Couch, a netbook, a space heater, more storage

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received? 

Homemade cookies using a very special recipe

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?

A baby scrapbook for the first year

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child? 

A paint set

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year? 

no children

6. What is your favorite holiday food? 

Turkey and Stuffing

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays? 

I bought plain paper-mache letters from hobby lobby and personalized them.  look at the blog to see some examples

8. What is your favorite holiday movie?

The grinch who stole christmas with Jim Carrey

9. Favorite holiday song?

Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill

10. Favorite holiday pastime?

Watching the kids in my family open presents 

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