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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tyra please don't leave us!

I'm not the kind of person who tivo's shows and obsesses over talk shows, but I really did love Tyra's show.  She brought real women onto the show and helped them with their problems.  I used to like Maury for this reason.  He helped people with thier problems and didn't make a shirade out of it.  I guess his ratings weren't that great so he went Jerry Springer on us.  Anyway back to Tyra.  One of the last shows I saw she brought on women that had lost a lot of weight and they talked about the problems they are having now such as friends resentment, family issues, ect.  Her topics are always interesting.  On another show I saw last week she had teenage-young 20s girls that wanted to be famous brought on the show.  These young girls were so obsessed with becoming famous they would do anything, one spent rent money on a photoshoot, others agreed to do a sex tape to get their name out.  She helped convince these women to get their priorities in order and get popular by a safer means.  She just seems like a genuinely nice person that I would love to meet.  I hate to see the talk show go.  Maybe they will at least keep the reruns coming.

Good luck on your other ventures Tyra.

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Scrapping Mom said...

I love Tyra as well. I just love her down to earth personality and she doesn't care what people say or think.
I also love her show America's Next Top Model.