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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Painting With a Twist Artwork

Have you ever heard of Painting with a Twist or Corks and Canvas?  If not here the site.  Basically you go in with some ratty clothes, some friends, and a bottle of wine and you come out with a complete painting.  The artist who teaches the class shows you how to do a painting and walks you through the whole process.  It is really fun.  It is also pretty affordable, either $35 or $45 per person.  Check to see if there is one near you.  It is tons of fun.

My own masterpiece.

Blog Candy Alert!

Svgcuts is giving away another great blog candy.  You don't have to purchase anything to enter.  All you have to do is spread the word and leave them a comment.  This time they are giving away a Cuddlebug Embossing Machine and attachments, along with other items.  Good Luck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick Tip: Get the best deals on ebay.

Hello and Happy New Year.  Mine started out bumpy.  I accidentally stabbed myself while cooking on the first (no biggy) and when I finally got some firewood for my fireplace wasps flew out.  It ended up only two came down the chimney; I guess the rest of them died from the smoke.  I am absolutely terrified of wasps and I am a pyro so of course I was right there when they came flying out.  Another non biggy, just scared me.

Anyway back to the post.  I was looking for deals on cartridges for my cricut.  I have a list of a few that I want and search for them on a semi-regular basis with a budget to buy them if I can get them at a reasonable price.  I buy pretty much all my carts on ebay.  I have bought maybe 3 in the stores, but that was only when they were having a really good sale.  Anyway, I have my default ebay search set up to show the auctions and buy it now priced items that are ending soones with shipping also shown.  This way I can see what the cartridges, or whatever item I am looking for, are going for straight out if I was going to enter a bidding war for one.  Then I switch my view to show only buy it now with price with shipping low-high.  This shows you the lowest price you can buy the cartridge straight out.  Sometimes you may be surprised to find a buy-it-now auction that costs less than if you waited for an auction to end and bid for it.  I bought the camp-out cart today for $22 with free shipping on buy-it-now.  If I had gotten into a bidding war I would have paid up to $30. 

Also remember, when buying on ebay always look for feedback ratings on the sellers.  Even if a seller has a 99% positive feedback rating look and see what the negative comments said.  This is especially important when dealing with a power seller.  I once bought a poster from a power-seller who had overall good feedback ratings.  He improperly packaged my item and when I asked him to work on a resolution with me he basically cursed me out.  He then bought an item I had for sale just so he could leave negative feedback for me (only buyers can leave negative feedback for sellers, sellers are only allowed good feedback for buyers).  It was a nightmare.  In the end I came out ahead though.  The shirt he bought from me cost more and I never shipped it to him.  Some people are just assholes.  I try to only be a bitch when its called for (although I do slip sometimes).

Anyway Much love,

P.S. share your ebay experiences with me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

600lb Virgin

TLC has this show on about a young 20-something man who in his teenage years weighed 650lbs.  According to the show, he met a personal trainer and with a better diet and exercise he is down to 220lbs.  He is a pretty tall guy so that is probably his ideal weight. 

This show though was all about getting him into the dating world.  He went to a bar and his friend had previously spread new about who would be there later.  Girls were fawning over him.  This poor guy who had no social skills to speak of didn't know what to do.  He dropped out of high school at 17 because of all the teasing and he couldn't handle it.  After dropping out he basically sat in front of the tv and grew bigger.

After loosing the weight different people voluteered services to him, surgery to remove excess skin, improve facial features, and dental work to fix his decayed teeth.  Now he looks pretty good I must say.  Its hard to look at a before and after picture and believe it is the same person. 

What I don't understand is how parents allow their children to get this way.  He was 17 when he really got big and didn't do anything except watch tv.  Its one thing if someone works all day and comes home and gorges, but I have never scene a morbidly obese person working though (not stereotyping - just an observation).  Why did the parents encourage this behavior.  He was totally dependent on them and everything he ate they brought home.  If they had brought home only lettuse and other healthy meals he would not have gotten into that situation.  TLC loves to put on these morbidly obese people on their channel.  Why don't they ask the parents and others supplying the shrink wrapped disease why they keep the supply coming?  All of these morbidly obese people on these shows have someone litterally bringing home the bacon (and much more) cooking the nastiness for them.  Why? 

They just said that he is 32 and still a virgin.  Ok, well I guess his social skills haven't improved.  If I was going on a date with someone and I found out they used to be morbidly obese I would probably not continue the relationship.  It's about the same as dating an ex-crack addict.  The addiction will always be there.

Here are some pics of the boy. 

Update: he still does not have a  love life, but did loose his virginity.

I Stabbed Myself

I was cooking our traditional New Year's meal of lobster tails (pretty cheap when you only get the tails).  I was using these really sharp scissors to cut the tails open and it slipped.  Ouch.  Actually it doesn't hurt too bad, but I had to stop what I was doing and bandage it so blood wouldn't get in the food.  I hope this is not a forecast for the future year.  *Pouty Face*

Avoid Memory Miser

I bought 4 carts from them off of their ebay site.  They sent shipping info for 2 packages on the 26th, but they still have not showed any progress.  One of the packages was priority and was supposed to have arrived already and the second package should be almost here.  I have contacted them twice and they do not answer emails.  I always look at overall ebay feedback before I buy, but when someone has that many sales they tend to have a good feedback rating even if they slip up a lot.  I gave them til Monday to have the carts delivered/work with me before I leave negative feedback and open a dispute with paypal.  This sucks.  If this does not work out I will probably not even buy them.  I'm getting so tired of ebay, but when on a budget what else am I supposed to do?