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Friday, January 1, 2010

600lb Virgin

TLC has this show on about a young 20-something man who in his teenage years weighed 650lbs.  According to the show, he met a personal trainer and with a better diet and exercise he is down to 220lbs.  He is a pretty tall guy so that is probably his ideal weight. 

This show though was all about getting him into the dating world.  He went to a bar and his friend had previously spread new about who would be there later.  Girls were fawning over him.  This poor guy who had no social skills to speak of didn't know what to do.  He dropped out of high school at 17 because of all the teasing and he couldn't handle it.  After dropping out he basically sat in front of the tv and grew bigger.

After loosing the weight different people voluteered services to him, surgery to remove excess skin, improve facial features, and dental work to fix his decayed teeth.  Now he looks pretty good I must say.  Its hard to look at a before and after picture and believe it is the same person. 

What I don't understand is how parents allow their children to get this way.  He was 17 when he really got big and didn't do anything except watch tv.  Its one thing if someone works all day and comes home and gorges, but I have never scene a morbidly obese person working though (not stereotyping - just an observation).  Why did the parents encourage this behavior.  He was totally dependent on them and everything he ate they brought home.  If they had brought home only lettuse and other healthy meals he would not have gotten into that situation.  TLC loves to put on these morbidly obese people on their channel.  Why don't they ask the parents and others supplying the shrink wrapped disease why they keep the supply coming?  All of these morbidly obese people on these shows have someone litterally bringing home the bacon (and much more) cooking the nastiness for them.  Why? 

They just said that he is 32 and still a virgin.  Ok, well I guess his social skills haven't improved.  If I was going on a date with someone and I found out they used to be morbidly obese I would probably not continue the relationship.  It's about the same as dating an ex-crack addict.  The addiction will always be there.

Here are some pics of the boy. 

Update: he still does not have a  love life, but did loose his virginity.

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