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Friday, January 1, 2010

Avoid Memory Miser

I bought 4 carts from them off of their ebay site.  They sent shipping info for 2 packages on the 26th, but they still have not showed any progress.  One of the packages was priority and was supposed to have arrived already and the second package should be almost here.  I have contacted them twice and they do not answer emails.  I always look at overall ebay feedback before I buy, but when someone has that many sales they tend to have a good feedback rating even if they slip up a lot.  I gave them til Monday to have the carts delivered/work with me before I leave negative feedback and open a dispute with paypal.  This sucks.  If this does not work out I will probably not even buy them.  I'm getting so tired of ebay, but when on a budget what else am I supposed to do?


Sole` said...

Ok, I called their 888 # on their website and of course they are closed. They also said they expect to not have the new carts til next week which might explain why they have not shipped yet. I am still not happy with them though. When you run a business you have to answer questions. If they are running auctions on ebay and have their website up selling then they need to at least have one person answering emails. Also on the ebay auction that I won it said they would be shipping the new carts on the 23rd, a couple days after I bought the carts. Right now I am not appreciating their customer service.

Sole` said...

Update. They have emailed me with the excuse for not shipping the carts yet is because the supplier did not ship to them on the 23rd like they were supposed to. Ok so they said on the auction that they would be shipping to me on the 23rd. I am very frustrated with these people. I received an email from their website saying that the new carts had arrived yesterday. My tracking number is still not moving. Either way at this point I am leaving at least neutral feedback, probably negative. I do not appreciate them saying they will ship on a certain day and only telling you their shipment was late after you email them. AS SOON as they found out their shipment was late they should have sent an email to every single person who bought these carts with a note explaining. I will never buy from these people again.