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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick Tip: Get the best deals on ebay.

Hello and Happy New Year.  Mine started out bumpy.  I accidentally stabbed myself while cooking on the first (no biggy) and when I finally got some firewood for my fireplace wasps flew out.  It ended up only two came down the chimney; I guess the rest of them died from the smoke.  I am absolutely terrified of wasps and I am a pyro so of course I was right there when they came flying out.  Another non biggy, just scared me.

Anyway back to the post.  I was looking for deals on cartridges for my cricut.  I have a list of a few that I want and search for them on a semi-regular basis with a budget to buy them if I can get them at a reasonable price.  I buy pretty much all my carts on ebay.  I have bought maybe 3 in the stores, but that was only when they were having a really good sale.  Anyway, I have my default ebay search set up to show the auctions and buy it now priced items that are ending soones with shipping also shown.  This way I can see what the cartridges, or whatever item I am looking for, are going for straight out if I was going to enter a bidding war for one.  Then I switch my view to show only buy it now with price with shipping low-high.  This shows you the lowest price you can buy the cartridge straight out.  Sometimes you may be surprised to find a buy-it-now auction that costs less than if you waited for an auction to end and bid for it.  I bought the camp-out cart today for $22 with free shipping on buy-it-now.  If I had gotten into a bidding war I would have paid up to $30. 

Also remember, when buying on ebay always look for feedback ratings on the sellers.  Even if a seller has a 99% positive feedback rating look and see what the negative comments said.  This is especially important when dealing with a power seller.  I once bought a poster from a power-seller who had overall good feedback ratings.  He improperly packaged my item and when I asked him to work on a resolution with me he basically cursed me out.  He then bought an item I had for sale just so he could leave negative feedback for me (only buyers can leave negative feedback for sellers, sellers are only allowed good feedback for buyers).  It was a nightmare.  In the end I came out ahead though.  The shirt he bought from me cost more and I never shipped it to him.  Some people are just assholes.  I try to only be a bitch when its called for (although I do slip sometimes).

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P.S. share your ebay experiences with me.

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