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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to my friend Celeste over at http://scrappingbutterflymom.blogspot.com for this award.  She really brightened my day.   Now it is time to pass the torch.  Here we go...

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  15. Anonymous at Bitchy Waiter  <---almost the same as above except I really relate to him from my time when I waited tables and despised it.  If only I had a blog to vent at then, lol

16 and Pregnant - What You Need to Know About Your Teenagers

Has anyone watched the kinda new show "16 and Pregnant?"  This is a very rare chance for everyone to see what teens actually go through when pregnant.  This has been a controversial issue for a long time, but no one seems to try to fix it.  Some say we need more god, others say its what kids watch on tv.  What I say is its the parents.  Now I'm not trying to lecture you if your a mom or dad reading this.  I want to help and it seems that not many people know how to talk to their kids about safe sex or do not want to broach the subject at all.  Well since I am 21 and it wasn't that long ago that I went through the terrible teens I would like to help.  If I do not address a subject that you would like answered feel free to comment.

Some facts to get started:
  • 750,000 girls between ages 15 and 19 will become pregnant each year in the U.S.
  • Black teens have the highest pregnancy rate.
  • The U.S. has the highest teenage pregnancy rate of all industrialized countries.
  • 2/3 of teenage pregnancies happen to teens between the ages of 18 and 19.

  1. You teens either are having sex, are thinking about having sex, or are very close to someone who is having sex.
    • Our culture today is most of the time centered around a television which showcases sex almost constantly.  I don't believe sex is taboo and should be avoided, but I am pointing out that your teen knows about sex even if you do not talk to them.  Now imagine that you do not talk to your teen about sex and all they know about sex is from the tv and from friends.  See my point?
    • Teens are greatly influenced by peer pressure.  It doesn't matter what the game is, they will always try to one-up one another.  When one girl starts to have sex, it usually won't be long until her friends do it.
    • Teens are young adults with all the urges you have, if not more, with little consideration for what will happen in the future.  Like many scientists have pointed out, when a child is developing they develop in stages.  When someone hits the teen years their body becomes able to reproduce, but the mind is not developed enough to think through most tough decisions.  This is why some states have passed laws restricted driving privledges of teens (only a parent in the car, no cell phone, ect.).  The same applies to teens.  Your teen will think of instant gratification and not what a child or an STD will do to their future (unless you get them to think of it).
  2. Your teen wants you to talk to them even if they don't act like it.
    • When I was 16 and dating my first serious boyfriend I wanted nothing more than for my mother to explain the basics to me.  How to protect myself, what to expect, ect.  Well she wasn't comfortable enough to hold that conversation with me.  She came from a fairly conservative background where it just wasn't something you should, could, or ever would talk about.
    • When you do try to talk to your teen about sex tell them they can talk to you and you won't get mad.  Mean it.  It is possible to be a parent and a friend at the same time. 
    • Ask them if they have any questions that you could answer, you don't have to get graffic or explain what you and your partner do, I mean bodily changes, what you went through when you were a teen, ect.  Although don't make the mistake of thinking teens today are the same as teens from your younger years.  Culture and society change with every coming generation.  It changes enough to where we can relate to one another without ever fully understanding one another.
    • If they don't feel comfortable enough to talk to you offer to take them to a doctor so they can explain anything your teen doesn't understand.  Also as soon as your daughter starts her menstral cycle she should start seeing a gyno anyway for a yearly exam.  Another reason to visit a doctor: although breast cancer is rare in young women, when it does happen it is extremely volatile and deadly.  It can't hurt to get examined.
  3.  Purity rings, pledges, ect. do not work.
    • I'm not trying to offend, I'm quoting studied facts.  Teens who take a pledge to save themselves for marriage are more likely to have unprotected sex and hense are more likely to become pregnant or be exposed to STDs.  The reason is simple, they were not planning on having sex, so they had no protection with them or even bothered to learn how to use them.
    • Teens who took the plegde tend to grow up with unrealistic expectations in marriage.  Yes, I read all about the Duggar's oldest son and young wife who had not kissed until they were married.  Without much of my personal dislike of this family's values, I could not help but cringe at this.  In order for your teen to have a happy healthy marriage (eventually) they should have some experience in the field.  Marriage is something you work at and get good at over time, not something that happens one day and you are a perfect partnership at.  They need to experience love somewhat.  Please don't guilt your children about sex.  This doesn't have a good outcome later.
  4.  Even if your child's school does teach Sex Ed, you can't rely on it to teach everything your kid needs to know about sex.  
    • Did you ever see the movie "Mean Girls" with Lindsay Lohan and Racheal McAdams?  If so do you remember the sex ed class taught by the gym teacher (who was having sex with several of the girls) about how if you have sex "You will get pregnant and die" and spelled Chlamedia with a K...  This is sadly an accurate representation of most American public school sex ed programs (I can not speak for private/religious schools but please inform me if you know).  My own school here in SE Louisiana tried to convince us that "abstinence is the only way" and sex doesn't really happen and when it does you catch diseases and die.  This is not exactly a good way for your teen to think of sex when they reach the age where they should be enjoying it.
    • Do some research about the different STDs and the consequenses of them.  A little knowledge never hurt anyone.  Look at the bottom of this post and I will give you links.  Tell your child about the risks of unprotected sex and how important it is to protect themselves when they do have sex.
  5. The hard part, give them condoms.
    • I know what you are thinking "If I give my teen condoms I am telling them it is ok for them to have sex."  Not really.  Tell them you would prefer they wait because it can be a life changing experience (in the case of pregnancy or STD) and its not bad to wait.  However, if your teen does decide to have sex they won't be at risk.  They will be prepared and they will thank you later.
  6. Links
Ok that is enough of Dr. Sole for now.  I hope I helped.  I might add more to this later if more comes to mind, but right now I need to get ready for bed.  Tomorrow is a long day for me, work from 8am to 10pm and back at work for 7am the next morning.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yet Another Blog Candy

Joy from Obsessed with Scrapping is giving away another blog candy.  Simply leave a comment on the post for a chance to win.  Get an extra 5 chances to win by posting about it on your blog.  Good luck.