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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I smell a rat...

So if you haven't heard Cricut just released the "Circle", an exclusive club for members only with special carts and rewards.  The first round of packages went out on the 30th and the rest of us are still waiting for ours to be picked up.  Anyway, people are posting on the message board what is in the packages and whatnot. 

Now there is one thread that was started saying that her package was open when she received it.  She said a neighbor had handed it to her, that the neighbor told her she was walking over when the FedEx man was leaving and picked up the bright green box to hand to her.  She said her box was open and the bracelet and cartridge are missing out of it. 

The box was sent FedEx.  I have had my own issues with FedEx, but they are very easy to work with once you make a claim.  There policy however is to make a claim if a package is damaged and if the package is damaged/compromised while in the hands of the delivery man he pays to replace the value of the contents out of his own pocket.  I am 99.99% sure FedEx did not open her package. 

Maybe I am being cynical, but I smell a rat.  She said she trusts her neighbor and knows she didn't open it, but I think she is either mistaken and should look closer at this neighbor or she is straight up lying to get 2 so she can sell one.  If that is true shame on her.  Situations like this is why PCs price is high.  Also if the FedEx man has to pay for the contents of the package when she actually has them then I would be so mad.  I hope it gets resolved, but I think she is lying.

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