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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Decorated Notebook

Well there is a story to this thing.  I am being tortured in one of my classes.  We have to go to a local elementary school and work with 4th through 6th graders to make a club that will have the kids be excited to be in the club and in turn will make them do better academically (if they have bad grades or get in trouble they can not participate in clubs).  I don't like kids at all.  None whatsoever.  But if I have to do it I have to do it.  Well this was my idea.  Have the kids decorate notebooks with pretty paper and their names.  Then we can call them their dream books.  In their dream books they can write about their goals in life, what colleges they want to go to, ect.  This would just get them thinking about the future and how they will reach their goals.  Of course my idea may or may not be met with good vibes.  I will have to explain that later.  I just calmed down from the whole shock to my system that happened yesterday being at the school.

Children are not for me.

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