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Monday, July 18, 2011

Opinion, My Pink Stamper

If you got sucked into the Cricut addiction then you should know who Robyn from My Pink Stamper is.  She hosts the My Pink Stamper blog that has been around for a while now.  She originally did  all kinds of useful videos showing how to use the Cricut Expression, going through all the strange features that are hard to figure out on your own.  I pretty much got my first Cricut because of her. 

Lately though things have changed with her.  This is my opinion only and I'm sure I will catch some heat for it, but its my opinion and I'm not going to sensor it. 

I was excited for her when Cricut decided to endorse her.  They gave her lots of stuff to give away to all her fans and sent her all their new products for her to show us.  I forgot which video it was, but basically she said she could not reveal to us the details of the agreement her and the other ladies (Joy, sorry forgot the others) have with PC.  Ok, not that big of a deal.  But her videos changed.  Basically she had nothing bad to say about PC every again.  They could do no wrong.  In one video a long long time ago she said she used SCAL.  Well PC basically shut down Craft Edge that makes SCAL.  This program can no longer be produced to run on their machines. 

Lately some of her videos its like she doesn't even want to be there, but keeps doing the new cart projects to fulfil whatever obligation she has to PC.

Not only is she shamelessly promoting PC products, but now she is promoting her own line of stamps.  Puny this, Puny that.  Urgh.  What happened to showing me how to cut out sentiments? 

I'm just dissapointed in the shameless promoting.  I really loved her maybe 2 years ago, but from the moment PC sponsored her and she came out with her own stuff I just get irritated watching her stuff. 

For all of you who say that the dislikes on her channel are people who are jealous of her...please come back to reality.  We all use the same machine, carts, and paper brands.  Our stuff tends to look similar.  If I was a stay at home housewife with nothing else to do, you could not imagine the stuff I would create.